The partnership has carried out a strategic review of the catchment, using a multi-tiered approach, which builds upon crucial evidence provided by stakeholders at a series of stakeholder workshops.

To develop this stakeholder led Catchment Action Plan, the Partnership sought to engage key stakeholders in the catchment to share their views and priorities regarding potential issues and actions for delivering improvements.  

This approach has been taken because key regulatory priorities for the Test & Itchen catchment are closely linked to the nature conservation status and wider benefits of the waterways as SSSI (and, in the case of the Itchen, SAC) rivers. 

We also recognise that the requirements of the nature conservation legislation, as well as the nature of the ownership of the rivers and floodplains, (the rivers are primarily privately owned and managed, and have limited public access), places constraints upon the kind of activities the partnership may wish to promote. 

The aim of the Catchment Action Plan is to set out the actions, agreed by the partnership, which will deliver the environmental improvements needed to work towards achieving the partnership's shared vision for the catchment. 

The plan will also help us to achieve Water Framework Directive objectives. It is designed at the river catchment scale, thereby requiring partners to consider river processes both upstream and downstream of their own local or administrative boundaries for the benefit of the whole catchment. 


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