By working together, to share knowledge and deliver actions, we can safeguard and improve the health of the catchment's freshwater, estuarine and coastal ecosystems for the long term.

The Catchment Partnership is being hosted, jointly, by the Wessex Chalk Stream & Rivers Trust and Hampshire & Isle of Wight Wildlife Trust and is supported by a diverse range of core partners and stakeholders. 

Our vision is for a healthy water environment which is valued and nurtured by residents, businesses and the wider community.

The Test & Itchen Catchment Partnership is bringing together local people and organisations to plan and deliver positive actions that will improve our water environment. 


The Catchment Based Approach
The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) is DEFRA’s commitment to help support a more integrated system at the catchment scale to improve the state of our waters under the European Union’s Water Framework Directive. It encourages local communities, business and stakeholders to co-ordinate actions and develop relevant projects to address local priorities such as flood risk management, fisheries interests and biodiversity for the benefit of the wider catchment area. Local decision-making and community action is vital in balancing the demands on our water resources to improve our watercourses and ecosystems.

The CaBA aims to establish a catchment partnership formed of local people, landowners and statutory bodies to work collaboratively across the catchment in a bottom-up approach.

Wider participation from local communities and interest groups is crucial to the success of the CaBA, which groups together rivers, streams, lakes and groundwater helping to highlight how activity anywhere within the catchment, and not just in and adjacent to the rivers themselves, impact the wider water environment.

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